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A room to be

It is amazing that as a sub-team for Interaction Design-II that we are so interested in brainstorming, debating, chatting about whatever we would like to have as our room based installation, we might even forget that if we are sure to check we have valid access to use room with a projector for our installation.

For installation ideas it’s been discussed to simulate a fall, a birth, or a game/puzzle, but in the end it’s been decided that being all too immersed in our medium itself we become very subjective about what can be done with it, for my part I am going to take couple of days of from thinking or reading about Interaction Design installation.

MA Digital Media & Creative Economy

Having a canvas

JD Bolter says;

Digital art is about performance user’s interaction is the art

JD Bolter says in his book “Windows and Mirrors: Interaction Design, Digital Art and the Myth of Transparency”. Which is exactly what we are planning to lock ourselves in to create about our user performance boosted installation idea. As other means of our creative constraints we are limiting ourselves to use only 12 buttons a projector, a room, a audio / visual effects that we can link the users with the hardware that we are aiming to programme with the use of Flash Cs3( with as3). And yet again within our limitations we are set free to create our doodles on our canvas until our next meeting (scheduled 15.04) in order to get a start of our hands a-moving.


MA Digital Media & Creative Economy

Reflecting on a Photo Day

A Photo day is a day that I simply go out and try to practice framing,
try to warm up with my camera, and to get a hold of the inspirational
ideas that I happen to acquire from the researches that I am currently
undertaking. One of the most influential material that I find out while
I was investigating through the programme list of the “Genius of
Photography” series, and stumbled upon Herni Cartier-Breson interview.

As it has been stated in the interview that
the pictures that has been taken at a certain time mustn’t be planned
but they have to be listened to, from that approach I gave a try to
shake away my tourist gaze and not to listen what is going around myself
and try to meditate and focus on the instance that is surrounding me. As
I experienced, it is a very consuming and hard to concentrate thing to
do, in a world in which there’s is so much going around an individual.
Another thing that has been mentioned in that interview was the
geometry’s importance in the composition(which is also what mainly tried
to achieve in my pictures by making connections with the hit points of
the rule of 3rds).

These two are unprocessed pictures which are not ruined by my broken viewfinder /
camera as examples and of what i did on that day (30.03.09 – Borough Market)

picture alt

picture alt


MA Digital Media & Creative Economy

Id-Group meeting

The 1sts meeting we had on the 25 of march with full attendance, was more descriptive and liberating than i would expect it to be. In this meeting decided on the constraints we should have and and necessary steps that we should take in accordance to achieve what we would like to achieve as an interactive design project.

Limitations / Constraints: Every group member has to limit their ideas to a room and 12 buttons to transmit data to a computer which will be programmed to react audio visually.

Necessary steps that should be taken: As having this idea of installation on a free-floating state, every each of us will have a keen observing eye on theories that are surrounding the interaction design area, so that our design idea is safe, sound and innovative with it’s approach.

My possible input on the next meeting that we are going to have; is suggestion to unlimit ourselves from the 12 buttons with the use of combinations that we can have with the buttons input to the actionScript code that we are planning to have, so that we can have a story that might have hard-to-be-counted number of endings.